Saturday, May 28

Parli Finals begin at 4:35pm.
1. Resolved: Economic policies ought to favor consumers over producers.
2. Resolved: The USFG should repudiate the Monroe Doctrine.
3. This House should publicly recognize Taiwanese sovereignty.


Friday, May 27

Parli Semifinals begin at 5:52pm.
1. Resolved: Public funding of the arts is an unjust sponsorship of speech.
2. Resolved: When in conflict, pragmatism ought to be valued above idealism.
3. Resolved: U.S. intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts does more harm than good.

Parli Quarterfinals begin at 2:10pm.
1. Resolved: The United States should replace the federal reserve system with free banking.
2. Resolved: The USFG should substantially cut its spending on healthcare.
3. The year is 2052. Ten years ago an alien attack killed millions of people and halted all wars and conflicts on earth. Humanity banded together to prepare for the next alien attack and is currently united in a common sense of purpose. You've just discovered the "alien attack" a decade ago was fabricated by the CIA in order to stop WWIII and spread peace on earth. Resolved: Tell the world the truth.

Thursday, May 26

Parli Octofinals begin at 4:42pm.
1. This House would march to its own drum.
2. Resolved: The other shoe will drop next year.
3. Resolved: The pen is still mightier than the sword.

Wednesday, May 25

Parli Double-Octofinals begin at 7:35pm.
1. Resolved: The new space race is a waste.
2. Resolved: In the United States, increasing organic agriculture does more harm than good.
3. Resolved: Now is the time for America to transition to renewable energy.

Parli Round 6 begins at 12:37pm.
Resolved: In statutory interpretation, purposivism ought to be preferred over textualism.

Tuesday, May 24

Parli Round 5 begins at 6:06pm
Resolved: When electing a president, economic policy ought to be prioritized above foreign policy.

Parli Round 4 begins at 12:35pm
Resolved: The presidential pardon should be limited or abolished.

Monday, May 23

Parli Round 3 begins at 8:13pm
Resolved: The USFG should pass a policy to make legal immigration easier.

Parli Round 2 begins at 2:20pm
Resolved: Televised trials do more harm than good.

Parli Round 1 begins at 8:33am
Resolved: The Gig Economy is unsustainable.