Campus Rules

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Illegal Substances Policy
• No alcohol, tobacco, firearms, vaping products, or any recreational drugs/illegal substances are permitted anywhere on campus.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters
• Keep wheeled sports equipment off the grass and out of buildings, including housing.

Building Access
• Enter and leave campus buildings and housing suites by using the doors. Entering/exiting through windows is prohibited.
• Do not climb onto the walls, roof, ledges, railings, or on any structure on campus.

Campus Grounds
• Do not tamper with or rearrange any landscape vegetation or hardscape, artwork, or architectural structures on campus.
• Stay out of ponds, rock-lined drainage zones, garden beds, trees, fountains, sports fields, and areas designated as "Off Limits".
• Do not throw items at, capture, or provoke wildlife on campus (swans, ducks, etc.)
• Do not move outdoor furnishings or use them for purposes other than their intended purpose.

Curfew/Quiet Hours – 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM
• Campus Security begins to check in all vehicles at the main gate house at 12:00AM. Event badge/verification may be requested at the gate house if returning to campus after curfew.
• Guests housed off-campus must exit the university grounds by curfew.
• Guests housed on-campus should be in their suites during curfew/quiet hours.
• Music, voices and noise must not disturb others during these times.

Parking Restrictions
• Do not park in delivery zones, handicap or reserved spaces.

• No pets are allowed anywhere on campus, inside or outside. Trained service animals are permitted.

• Please follow instructions on NITOC and Dallas Baptist University signs posted throughout the campus.